Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does the project take? 

Normally, our projects take around 1 month. However, the project may last longer up to the agreement between the company and the project student.

2. Do I need to work full-time for the project?

No, normally, our project students have very flexible schedules. They work remotely with a few meetings with the company to keep the company updated. You can work in the company’s office if you would like to.

3. What can I get from the projects?

Work experience, company visits & seminars, the project company’s testimonials, and the work certificate to boost your CV, potential opportunities to continue with companies after Stratos (thesis worker, part/full-time employment), and one PAID trip with the Stratos team to one world-class city in May! We went to San Francisco, Peru, Dubai, Tokyo etc. before. This year, it’s your choice to decide our next destination:)

4. How can I apply? 

Easy !!:) Just fill in basic information in our application form.