SRV Project: Doing Research on Polish Construction Market


Project Background:

SRV is a leader in Finland in the development of innovative construction projects. The Finnish listed company was founded in 1987 and currently operates in Finland, Russia and Estonia. In the company’s growth road-map, SRV is exploring business opportunities and possible partners in other growth centers in Europe, where there are growing demands for housing, business and infrastructure construction, with the long-term aim of expanding business geographically.

Project Topic: Research on Polish Construction Market

The student in this project will deliver a Research for commercial and health care construction landscape in Poland or alternatively a Market Research of Polish material suppliers, manufacturers or construction companies interested in doing business in Finland in co-operation with SRV. Your deliverables will help SRV to evaluate the strategic decision of Poland as a new market or partnering area. The research direction will be tailored to match the backgrounds and strength of the selected student.

Timing: During spring 2018. The project ideally takes 1 month but the schedule will be arranged in details between SRV and the student.

What we are looking for in a candidate:

  • Backgrounds in Construction, Real Estate, Procurement, Marketing and related field are preferred with general Business Management understandings
  • Good understanding of Polish language and knowledge of Polish culture is a MUST
  • Master students are preferred

What You Will Gain:

  • Meaningful experience and knowledge from working closely with the project manager at SRV
  • Improve your skills from working on real-life projects
  • Taking the lead in providing solutions and designing the project direction
  • Work certificate that will help you boost your CV
  • Company trips to all partner companies
  • Potential career opportunities after Stratos projects: Master’s thesis, part/full-time employment (many of our alumni have achieved these opportunities before)
  • Last but not least, A Trip overseas to a world-class city with the STRATOS team! ( flight ticket, accommodation, and other expenses will be covered by Stratos)

How to Apply:

It’s very simple. Submit your info in our form by clicking ‘Apply Now’ below. Deadline for application is 30.1.2018. We will contact you shortly after the deadline.


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