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About Us

Stratos About UsUnder the operation of Remburssi and Aalto University, Stratos is an annual training program with 28 years of impressive track record in advancing collaboration between senior students and top companies in Finland.

Stratos is operating under Remburssi, the Association of International Business in Aalto University. Every year, Stratos connects 5 – 10 leading companies with 10 – 20 students who have backgrounds in business, design, and technology. The program has received good reputation for providing companies with top candidates who deliver high-quality project results and offering extensive business experiences for students.

Our program’s coordinators are volunteer students from Aalto. This is a non-profit program.

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Our Partners

We have connected our students to the leading companies in Finland.

Past partners include Hilti, Espatent, Rovio, Finpro, Elisa, Nokia, Neste Oil, Fazer, Gaia Group, ABB, Ensto, Exel, Kemira, Fortum, Outokumpu, Itella, Metso, M-Real, Skanska, Partek, Sonera, Op-Pohjola, Vaisala, Wärtsilä, Ahlström Machinery, August and others.

Also, Stratos frequently has collaborations with Aalto University, especially from Industrial Engineering Department and International Design Business Management Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does the project take? 

Normally, our projects take around 1 month. However, the project may last longer up to the agreement between the company and the project student.

2. Do I need to work full-time for the project?

No, normally, our project students have very flexible schedules. They work remotely with a few meetings with the company to keep the company updated. You can work in the company’s office if you would like to.

3. What can I get from the projects?

Work experience, company visits & seminars, the project company’s testimonials, and the work certificate to boost your CV, potential opportunities to continue with companies after Stratos (thesis worker, part/full-time employment), and one PAID trip with the Stratos team to one world-class city in May! We went to San Francisco, Peru, Dubai, Tokyo etc. before. This year, it’s your choice to decide our next destination:)

4. How can I apply? 

Easy !!:) Just fill in basic information in our application form.








Remburssi Board Team

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Stratos 2018 Team

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